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. live in san jose where chp is investigating, it hit on the ramp and we will tell you what happened moments before the person was hit. and a suspected drunk driver jumped into a curb and barreled into several buildings, we will tell you
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what this man did to protect them. the action the school is taking to protect their response. unfinished projectings that could cause santa clara big bucks when it hosts the game. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. . >> ole that is not the only thing that was damaged, good morning, this is quite a stretch of damage in el cerrito after a car lost control. they are looking at the damage and checking in on how it could be affecting damage in that area. it is tuesday, march 4th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, we have
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rosemary in for steve, good morning, rosemary. storm tracker 2 cap even pick up any rain and it is there and you will find it on your morning drive and let me show you what i mean. we have those clouds in place this morning. very moist air mass continuing to stream even though the storm has passed. photograph a few -- we have a few peeks of sun all of tuesday and here we are, we are still mostly gray but we are dry. temperatures this morning 56 in oakland 54 in fso 53 for napa and i think we will be stuck before we finally get to see the numbers warm up.
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67 in fairfield, 65 for san rafael and 67 in mountain view. season all even above the average this time of year but we will be there for mostly cloudy skies. into the second half of tuesday we are dry. we have rain and that will lineup that futurecast model it comes in tuesday evening and it looks like we could be wet and we dry out for the first part of your weekend and we will have the rainfall totals with the newest storm in just a bit, here is sal. rosemary traffic will be slow in some areas. they are already starting to show a little bit of midst and it is backed up and metering lights are on and the drive time already is up to 25
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minutes. and also looking at interstate 880 in oakland in both directions, traffic is moving well, northbound traffic getting into downtown oakland is not all that bad. northbound 880, the car went down the end bang men blocking the lanes which has been moved to the shoulder and highway foremost of it is mostly slow. at 0:64 we are looking -- 6:04 we are looking into an investigation of a body found on the freeway, janine, what is the latest? >> well, the coroner removed the body from northbound 280, the saratoga avenue off ramp and traffic there is traveling
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slow on to 280. chp is treating this as a case of hit and run. she was hit by a car and she was pronounced dead at the scene and they are trigger too figure out if she jump add then was hit or if she was walking by the off ramp and then was hit. >> this person may have been hit by a vehicle and we are investigating whether she jumped or not. we are still trying to gather all of the information and speak to witnesses who left the scene. >> officers did find beeby -- debris and they are looking to see if they may have hit the woman and they don't know her age but it will take time to figure out what happened. again they are treating this as
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a deadly hit-and-run accident and if you have any information, you are asked to call the police department. he lost control of his car and jumped a curb and left a long block of destruction at the scene. some other expensive cars were among those damaged, god morning. he lost control and hi car caused wait quite a bit of damage and they damaged a portia and mercedes inside. the small sedan had two people inside at the time and it took out a parking sign, a tree and a medal bus bench which was
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debris littering the sidewalk this morning. after the car came to rest, the 25-year-old man who was behind the wheel jumped out of the car trying to get away but officers managed to chase thanksgiving -- chase him down and he is now facing charges of dui. this should be a lesson to anyone who gets behind the wheel after drinking. >> you should not have even as much as one drink. >> reporter: police say this woman was a passenger in the car and she was not hurt during all of of this. >> reporter: clearly the city and a lot of the private business owners have quite a bit of repair work to do. there were 2 people oned
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sidewalk happened. pie the way, they have wrapped up traffic in both directions here on san pablo this morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. extra counselors will be on the campus of hercules high school after the latest violent incident targeting a transgender student. he was attacked by three male students yesterday afternoon. he was shoved into a stall. tara moriarty will tell us am about the same tie school after the trans anyder am -- transgender rights are to use
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bathrooms that they feel comfortable with. an effort to qualify failed in the november ballot. and the state university is due back in court this afternoon. four students are scheduled to be formally charged in a racially charged bullying case that has prompted several protests. white students formmented -- toremented a black roommate interest. the university has launched an unprecedented investigation. a candle light vigil will be held at martinez to honor the life of a popular student. 14-year-old was trick and killed. they ran on to the train tracks. many are wearing pending to
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remember her. i tonight's candle light vigil begins at 6:30 on the campus. they are concerned about a recent surge in violent crimes. early saturday morning, a 31- year-old man was shot several times inside paws mexican and filipino cuisine. he is inside the hospital as the search for suspects continues. this is the first time and there has also been a rides in stabbings and assaults. if this trend continues it will be trending this sort of crime. they are trying to cap the number of cars, such as having them at any given time.
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they are trying to regulate the industry and those who use the company say it is a much needed service but they say it should come with a veil and the. the objector driver -- the driver struck and killed a 6- year-old girl. >> we need to make sure we can protect the safety of these customers of this types of people. >> and it makes since. he responded to seattle which will put hundreds of businesses out of work and leave them without an opportunity to am earn a living. santa clara just minutes before they turned violent. they are sending troops into ukraine, why he accuses the u.s. for using a double
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standard and criticizes his actions. and good morning we are looking at a commute which is affected by the wet weather, and we have a lot of slow traffic all over the place and we will tell you where. the let weather, we have it and i will late it out for you coming up.
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. good morning, russian president vladimir puntin said russia accused the west of what he call is the anti- constitutional koop in ukraine and he accuses the u.s. of a double standard and criticizing the u.s. of troops in afghanistan and russia is on the wrong side and this is a proposition and this is a time whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy as opposed to force. >> now there has been at least one tense standoff and this
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shows unarmed ukrainian troops who have surrounded an air base. look at this, russian troops can be seen firing into the air, warning ukrainians to stop their a preach. it has been set up in central square wear they have been killed. they showed political sue sport. it includes those meant to help low and middle income families and he reflects is desire to do that to release a budget plan but for the most part, congress usually ignores most of it and coming up with its own budget. the 16 day government shut
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down last october resulted to naturalnal parks. an estimated 414 million is due in lot of spending. and they have -- lost spending. they have a safe way for teens to learn more about the enforcement field and also get community service hours. they get it each week and participated in traffic control. and they are taking it to the fremont police department website. and they will take aggressive planning to have joe montana's plan on time for the super bowl. they are already more than 80 percent complete and city
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officials tell ktvu to be high with two ready for the big design. >> the lines out front will be very long and a lot of people will be excited to get inside. >> city officials say the project which concludes that and thats not expected because it is complicating the building process. and in new orleans a parade will be held this morning and millions of people are in new orleans to celebrate fat tuesday. they come through bourbon street and throughout the night and tuesday is the first one and in san francisco there will
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be a free blues concert and that's from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and napa will host a mardi gras party, that starts at 7:00 and than usually, the people get into more wrecks. it is correlating with more wrecks. shower may be and we will let her talk about that in just a moment. you can go to the toll plaza and it is a 15 to 20-minute wait and we are looking at a 25 minute drive time between oakland and san francisco. and highway 4 and antioch is now beginning to slow in bay point to venetia bridge to
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walnut creek and we still have a crash on northbound to 208 to eastbound, it is still there as we try to get this coming down. we have been watching this little area herep san carlos area, and the brunt much this storms has moved on and it will take us awhile before the lingering showers and patchy drizzle move on as well. we have this moisture which stretches back to hawaii and it has been like this for several days and when we don't have a storm reaching through i
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already have my in view, another system that will be with us as weigh if great there and i do see a few peeks here in the clouds and we will pick up one little sell over the tee object low and as we get into wednesday among and by sunset, wednesday evening into the 6:00 hour this rain moving into the northern edgeels of sonoma county, so a lot like what we have, we move through the wednesday night hours and as we get to thursday morning, it is already on and we have a few lingering showers. so the next storm in, look like a thursday eye vend.
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and for the afternoon, you are looking at low to mid-60s for the 6:00 hour as we will. some say 6:05 the extented forecast and another chance for rain, snow levels will be high with this next storm as well. partly cloudy skies dry conditions, temperatures nearing 70 degrees and sunday another storm will roll in and bring the chance for showers into our sunday morning afternoon forecast : oil future town and that is the highest level in months and lush why,
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the car -- and they say the cars could remain on the roads and some of them could have faultty ignitions and they say they can get the problem fixed before selling the car. they have an 80% response for recalls but in this case more of them will not get the necessary repair work done. a would be burglar coming up, the crime caught and three people were trapped under a wall of snow, the deadly actions taken in this deadly force of nature. [ yodeling plays ]
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worst morning ever.
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. many parts of the southeast remember expecting more snow and temperatures are expected in the single digits in many areas and forecasters say this is rare for the month of march, in fact washington d.c. has had single digit it temperatures.
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we are hearing the woman has now died after being injured in an avalanche in montana. her husband and an 8-year-old boy were all buried by snow on friday when the avalanche crashed down onto the couple's home. moments after it happened, neighbors jumped into action they were frantically trying to find the people who had been buried. >> so many of us are willing to help others, especially when there is a family inn involved. the avalanche was triggered by a snowboarder before it picked up speed. and they opened drivers months ago but is it safe? the repair projects still ahead working on the repairs of the eastern span of the bay bridge. there is quite a bit of damage after a suspected drunk
6:28 am
driver jump is the curb and bar regardels down the sidewalk, what he did to get away. looking at 28. >> , 880, we will tell you more about where the slow traffic is straight ahead. now what? let's build you a better bed that senses your movement, heartbeat, breathing. sensors working directly with the air chambers. it's the all-new sleep number x12 bed. it tracks your sleep and tells you here's a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you and all you have to do is sleep. only at a sleep number store, try the unprecedented sleep number x12 bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they are ringing the opening bell in new york and a lot of them over situation in ukraine. this morning some optimism after russian president vladimir puntin ordered troops back to their bases and stocks will rally on that this morning. one stock to watch, radio shack is announcing very disappointing sales at its stores and it is planning to close 1100 stores.
6:31 am
this is after their big super bowl commercials, so we will keep an eye on that. we will smile and say good morning to you it is already tuesday, march 4th, i am dave clark. and let's check in with rosemary orozco, in for steve today. patchy fog, drizzle out there hard pressed to find any on the radar and it's falling below the beam and that's why it is nearly impossible for us to see any of it. that patchy drizzle will tip of through morning hours and by noontime we are left with mostly dry and temperatures will be in the 60s in and around the central and south bay, 1,700s in san jose, ben
6:32 am
low men, a quarter inch or so and san francisco nearly a quarter but as you notice to the north, that is where we had more rainfalling and a quarter inch in napa be a here we are it is a zero, windsor picking up some good rain if your neighborhood and don't areas did see some -- some areas did see some good rain. as we get to the morning hours we will slowly dry out and we have mainly dry conditions for your lunch hour and for your noon, we will be in the 60s where checking in for 27 as well. i have another -- 67 and i have
6:33 am
another storm i am tracking and i will show you that coming up. some areas are doing not so well and others we will start off with the toll plaza. this is a 25 minute drive time into san francisco, most of that time, it is wet out there and speeds are likely to be slower because of the wet roads. let's look, the traffic here is moving along nicely, still not a big commute, we had an earlier commute cleared away quickly and no major league injuries. 6:33 let's go black to the desk. there is a field of debris in el cerrito. they have been out there since
6:34 am
4:30 and tell us about the damage, show it to us and given us an update on the streets reopening, good morning. >> reporter: well this street is back open and this is san back low and this is a suspensioned jump drunk driver, he barreled down the sidewalk for an entire city block slamming into the building in several spots, taking out the front window before you can see it has been boarded up several were two small people signed and they took out debris from the car litteringit the sidewalk. after it came to rest, el
6:35 am
cerrito said the man behind the wheel bolted from the car and ran down the street. officers had to chase after him and he was arrested and police say that driver is now facing charges of dui and hit-and-run. there were two people walking alone and very creditably, this is a large collision scene. but it is amazing that nobody got hurt. >> police say there was also a passenger. >> reporter: it was the woman sitting on the curb, she was not hurt neither was the man behind the wheel. a sergeant says there is no estimates on damage here but clearly, the city will have to replace bus benches and
6:36 am
business owners will likely have to go through their storefronts. they are stepping up patrols after two armed robberies on campus. the first one happened saturday morning in a parking lot of shot field. police say a student was approached by three men with was robbed at gunpoint. the second one happened 13 minutes after that, just about a half mile away at have you versety in michigan. i was glad but i was note -- they were notified with an automated text message an e- mails. students are everybody couraged -- encouraged not to walk alone at night. they only have vague descriptions of the suspects.
6:37 am
a transgender student was sexually assaulted in a boy's bathroom. he was exercising his right under a controversial new law. it was sign had into -- it was signed into law last summer and the victim did not know his attackers and unfortunately hercules campus lacks cameras where the attack happened. police say a 15-year-old freshman who identifies himself as a mail was attacked by three boys and using the boys bathroom yesterday afternoon. because the suspect calmed him der interrogatory story names.
6:38 am
they have to do a better job. >> it is horrible that any student on this campus would have to be subjected to that kind of criminal conduct. >> this is the same high school where a female transgender student got into a brawl in november. it came out after repeated taunting. the victim in this case underwent a sexual assault examination and we will tell you why they may be in some hot water. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news channel 11 news. they obtained caltrans' punch list and engineers still have to be finished or will be they sign off on the project.
6:39 am
that includes a summary and they have lost their so called super majority in the state senate. los angeles senator ron called roan took a definite absence and that means they can no longer raise taxes, pass emergency legislation or put constitutional amendments without getting republican support. new this morning, day two of the murder trial comes to an end. this is vie yes. last valentine's day. oscar pistorius said he thought she was an intruder. one of his neighbors said she heard screams and then gunshots
6:40 am
on thep day of the murder and he heard screaming and requested privacy. a furry visitor at the ski resort which shut down and why officials say it may not be the last time this happens. live in san rafael why police are concerned over a violent crime and weep see traffic is family is moving along relatively well. you may want to add some extra time at the toll plaza and we will give you the drive times straight ahead. outside of our doors we we have a live look and how long will we be dry? i am tracking a new storm in the extended forecast, coming
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. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are concerned in a recent surge in crime. we are there with the impact this may have on other crimes, brian? >> reporter: good morning, diana bishop said, yes, she is
6:44 am
concerned over a recent surge in rye lend -- violent crime in fact, in her career, the amount of crime is unprecedented and if it continues it may drain other resources. we want it go to a case which has rocked this community and police are still trying to pinpoint a suspect who shot a man several times over the weekend. witnesses say the gunman wearing a hooded sweatshirt walked up to the victim and shot him. the gunman fled and that was the last time anybody saw him. witnesses did not get a goodies description of the gunman and he remains on the loose this morning. as for the victim he is in stable condition at the county hospital but this is just one case of violence in this city and in the past year there has been a rise in stabbings and
6:45 am
the victim since mid-december, the police chief said she has taken the step to a sign one officer from the previous details and if it continues it could affect how police handle other cases including right here in downtown san rafael brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are giving us some new information about last year's deadly shooting. it happened near 8th and san salvador. one bullet ricocheted through the window of a nearby sore recordty house dark nearby dorm. the campus police officer was forced to shoot him to protect his partner. later today a federal judge did will decide the next legal step in the biggest scandal in years r ktvu channel 2 news broke the news last week and
6:46 am
one former officer faces corruption and civil rights violations. it stems from charges caught on video. the case is based on questionable testimony from unreliable witness ofs. the recent -- witnesses. the recent rain has caused mandatory cuts. customers would have had to cut back their water use by 2 5%, however rain has brought those levels up to 25 and for that you are still being asked to voluntarily cut back on water use. despite the recent rains you can they could come in alameda county and the board is being
6:47 am
asked to pass an ordinance to put mandatory limits and that would include restrictions on watering lawns for ones or twice a week for homes and 2 or three times a week for some of the businesses . also put a band on refilling pools. right now the santa clara valley is asking for a 20% water concert evacuation or east bay must, it could become mandatory later. since january, the injured bear was carried out by wildlife officials and taken to a wildlife facility and they
6:48 am
have seen a lot of animals for this time of year. >> i would -- he should still be in hibernation but this weather is so up and down and chip amongs are -- chip monks are coming up a month early. >> the cub suffered from some sort of trauma and is a bit underweight. heavenly resort was shut down while the bear was moved out. what is coming up on morning on 2. there is a new number one when it comes to the most expensive city in the world. what makes it so expensive is what we all take for granded.
6:49 am
plus a hard lamborghiniing p.m. and what you can do to help. those stories coming back to you on ktvu channel 2 morning news. now stay tuned for more ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now we are seeing traffic which is getting progressively slower all over the place including at the toll plaza but 35 to 40 minute drive time getting into san francisco and that includes the time on the plaza and the time on the bridge. no, they are finally getting back and looking at the pass. let's go to rosemary. patchy fog, drizzle and storm tracker is picking up on
6:50 am
that rain and it's going to remain with us through the morning hours and then through the second half of the day we will be mostly cloudy and we will be mainly dry. i want to show you all of this moisture and you are stretching all the way pack even though we are in between the storms patchy drizzle will not he can seem so rain but for your whatever mover n-lean start up and i want to start up tomorrow norm. and we will be mostly dry for the second half of your after
6:51 am
plan to. and and wednesday looks mainly dry, a lot like yesterday and they are beginning to slide into the north bay and they look like the rain is beginning to slide through and into the overnight hours, we are dry once again. this next system looks a loot like what we just dealt with. could see as we get there, we are left with a few outsiders 52 santa rosa and for the afternoon today, widespread 60s mid-to-upper 60s north bay around the peninsular we have 6 5% san mateo, 64 for san francisco, upper 60s into the south bay and for morgan hill, you are going to 67, extended forecast, drying out later this morning and by the lunch hour you will be in pretty good
6:52 am
shape, morning showers on wednesday dry to near 70 degrees and second half of the weekend is great. here is more. we have new information on a deadly pedestrians accident and we have an update. what can help to the drivers. the big one if he he got from ellen, we will explain.
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. one east bay homeowner said he caught a burglar in the act and says he has the video to prove it. this was in newark friday night. his home surveillance captured the man trying to steal a bicycle from his backyard. he then grabbed a large object to smash a door and that's when he jumped into action. >> he jumped and said i am looking for rinse. i said you know what, you are know what you are here for. i was not thinking straight i was like i don't i don't care he is in my backyard disturbing
6:56 am
my privacy. >> now he is trained in martial arts and he chased him for almost a mile before catching him. police made an arrest and his wife said she wished her husband had not chased him and she is glad nobody was hurt. we first told you about this during mornings on two. he was hit on olive avenue. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. if at fault he could possibly face criminal charges.. safe way said they would rather sell off in one piece but kroger is interested in acquiring some da -- acquiring some of safe way.
6:57 am
either deal could raise antitrust details and this could ease some of their concerns. and in the markets, taking a look at the dow jones industrial average, it is almost 200 points shooting up, so did the nazdaq and s&p 500 500, the situation and that's helping things out and certainly feeling a little better about what is going on in the ukraine might be part of that. >> all right, time now 6:57 san francisco will take a vote on a proposal to ban the sale of water in plastic bottles on city property. now if they approve the plan, they may contain it and that law would hurt nonprofit groups
6:58 am
who sell water at events. a pizza shop is getting a lot of business after making its debute during the oscars. they made an appearance and the shop ran out of dough and the website crashed. he knew he was delivering to the oscars but he didn't realize he would get to meet some of hollywood's biggest stars. room then when i went there, allen came out and -- ellen told me follow me and then when i was going, i realized -- >> , pee sides getting a chance to appear on the oscar. he also gave a 1 down dollars tip. being up and disturbing in the east bay.
6:59 am
and university for the crimes prompted a campus alert. stay with us, we will be right back.
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a suspected drunk driver triggers a spectacular crash in

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